Get involved with the Creative Careers Programme

By being involved in the Creative Careers Programme you will be supporting the creative industries to bring about genuine change. Through our shared mission and a coordinated approach, we can make a far bigger impact together than would be possible alone.

Image: Christopher Bethell courtesy of Cockpit Arts as part of their Discover! Creative Careers Week 2019

It is vital that we work in partnership with those across the industry who are already providing careers advice, materials, and initiatives for young people in order to identify where we can jointly publicise, connect and upscale initiatives and share learning and insight for the benefit of England's creative industries at large.

If you're an employer or professional in the creative industries, there are many ways to get involved:

If you're a teacher or career leader, head to the DiscoverCreative.Careers website which hosts a full suite of resources to enable you to deliver your careers programme and meet the Gatsby benchmarks, this includes the latest Discover! Creative Careers Week 2021 programme of industry-led films and lesson plans.

For any general enquires about the Creative Careers Programme, please contact: [email protected]

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