Festival of Making – live brief

16 December 2020

Creative & Cultural Skills and The National Festival of Making have released industry-led student challenge designed to support students’ skills development across the combination of creative and business skills needed to thrive as a professional, whether freelance or employed.

Students are invited to consider what they would like to contribute to The National Festival of Making programme by proposing an imaginative piece of work that will engage the Festival’s multi-generational and diverse audiences.

Prizes include mentoring from the festival team to see the winning idea realised at The National Festival of Making, as well as online masterclasses delivered by the Festival Directors and Team.

Image: Screen Printing, Girls Girls Girls at National Festival of Making 2019

“Live Briefs that enable students to experience the commissioning and development process of someone working in the creative sector are an essential part of how students can expand their knowledge, skills and supports talent development in the creative industries.”
Wayne Hemingway MBE, Co-Founder of the National Festival of Making

Who is eligible to apply?

Registered students in post 16 education from any creative or non-creative course and who are currently studying at level 3 or level 4 (level 6 or 7 in Scotland).

When is the entry deadline?

Monday 16th March 2021

Register your interest

Register by Sun 31st January 2021 to participate in the Online Briefing for Tutors. Contact [email protected]

Further Information for Tutors

Download a copy of this essential information to share with colleagues and students.

Download additional information on how this industry-led brief supports students’ skills development across a combination of creative and business skills.

Download the full live brief.


Problem solving skills, communication skills, and finance skills were commonly reported as skills gaps by employers... Courses were believed to focus on the creative aspect rather than how to survive as a sole trader or contribute to the running of a business.
CCSkills Report - Building a Creative Nation: Current and Future Skills Needs

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