14-18 NOW Make Art Not War was a Creative Skills Programme commissioned by 14-18 NOW and managed by Creative & Cultural Skills. The programme launched in October 2018 and runs over two academic years.

The programme offers an invitation for young people aged 16+ to respond to artist Bob & Roberta Smith’s bold provocation of: ‘What Does Peace Mean To You?’

It sets out to encourage young people to nurture essential creative skills including self-awareness, curiosity, imagination and, crucially, their own voice, judgement and sense of place in a complex world.

We are planning to hold a symposium event at the Imperial War Museum where the programme was originally launched in October 2018. For this we invite young people aged 16+ to send us an image (moving or still) that is their creative response to the provocation above.

Send all contributions to [email protected] marked MAKE ART NOT WAR and include a couple of sentences about yourself. We will select from these contributions a number to be displayed as part of our event at the Imperial War Museum in Autumn 2020.

The purpose of this event, two years on from the original launch, would be to bring together the work, thoughts and ideas developed through the programme under the banner of another timely and apt provocation from lead artist Bob & Roberta Smith: 'How Do We Want The World To Change After This?'

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