Emily Charles, creative apprentice

Emily Charles is a creative apprentice for a contemporary theatre organisation.

Working at Freedom Studios

Emily Charles is working as an apprentice at Freedom Studios, a contemporary theatre company founded in 2007.

A small company from the beginning, today Freedom Studios is one of Britain’s leading new companies and an Arts Council England National Portfolio organisation.

Like many young people faced with rising university fees, Emily began to research apprenticeships.

But it's still a small organisation with only a few full-time staff, so Emily's role is to support the Artistic Director and Creative Producer.

Her role covers everything relating to project management, live events and the day-to-day running of the company.

She has a particular responsibility for overseeing the company’s digital presence, including social media and their website and newsletters.

Getting into the theatre industry

Emily began her apprenticeship just after her final year of secondary school.

Like many young people faced with increasing university fees, she began to research apprenticeships as an alternative to higher education.

"I felt that apprenticeships were a really good opportunity and route to take, as university is no longer the only option," she said.

"With experience being vital today,  I decided that an apprenticeship would be a good option."

After the apprenticeship

For Emily this opportunity is a first step in the right direction. “In five years," she said, "I see myself working in the arts or cultural heritage sector.

"I've already learnt a lot and gained some crucial work experience"

"I'm sure I will have benefited from this creative apprenticeship, as I've already learnt a lot and gained some crucial work experience."

Views on apprenticeships

Emily would definitely recommend apprentices to others.

“They give you the opportunity to learn and gain experience whilst working towards a credible qualification.”

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