Building a Creative Nation: The Next Decade

Published: 05.03.15

What the current literature tells us about the future skills needs of the creative and cultural industries.

The creative industries in the UK have doubled in size in the last ten years, proving resilient through recession, and are forecast to grow significantly in the next ten. Governments internationally are now seeing the promotion of creativity as a key way to promote economic growth. 

However, the only way that continued growth will be sustained is through strategic development to ensure that the sector has the right skills in place so the right jobs can be fulfilled at the right time.

Drivers of change in the sector

This report, published on the eve of Creative & Cultural Skills’ tenth anniversary conference in 2015, aims to synthesise the current drivers of change the sector is facing, and review what the literature is anticipating about future skills needs and gap

Arguments for creative skills and training

It aims to provide a useful summary for members and friends of the National Skills Academy network, to support arguments for new education, skills and training initiatives which seek to be as relevant as possible to the needs of the creative industries.

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