We work to create fair and inclusive opportunities for young people within the creative and cultural sectors. We do this by raising awareness and shaping skills, education and employment best practice. We provoke action and enable learning opportunities that drive change and help to build an inclusive skilled sector.

Creative & Cultural Skills helps to build a sector that is both inclusive and skilled by:

  • improving understanding and awareness of the career options across the cultural sector
  • working to remove barriers to entry and progression for young people from underrepresented groups and disadvantaged communities
  • informing and helping the sector respond to changes in the technical education system
  • helping employers see the benefits of an inclusive workforce, in turn feeding new talent into the workforce and supporting the sector to continue on a course of economic growth and meet diversity ambitions
  • advocating and campaigning for systemic and policy changes that will improve the opportunities for young people within the sector.

What we do

We work across the UK to create a fair and skilled cultural sector by shaping skills, education and employment best practice. Through a programme of training, tools & resources, events, one to one support, sector updates and research, we provoke action and enable learning opportunities that drive change and help to build an inclusive skilled sector.

What we offer

Working with cultural employers and alongside partners and key stakeholders including education providers and careers professionals, we provide services that aim to support the UK’s cultural workforce development through:

Advice & Guidance

This includes our information resources and written guides covering topics such as Apprenticeships (including curriculum materials for Apprenticeship Training Providers), Internships, Best Practice Approaches to Recruitment, Career Insight Programmes, Diversity & Inclusion and how to introduce a Workforce Development Policy.

Our growing network of Partnership Managers and staff in the Nations provide additional regional sector-support through one to one meetings and phone calls in order to identify any specific advice and guidance needs to ensure we can better support workforce development strategies at a local and company level, across the UK.

Events and Training

We will be launching a new programme of training, networking and online events throughout the year.

Our suite of training events supports our Advice & Guidance services and can also be offered as bespoke workshops for teams and organisations.

Our regional and national networking events bring the sector together to explore best practice, discuss relevant topics and themes impacting on the sector, celebrate the sector’s successes and create opportunities to connect.

As well as our workforce development events, we also offer industry insight days for students and Continuing Professional Development sessions for college tutors, as part of the National Skills Academy.

In light of the current situation around COVID-19, the launch of our new events programme is currently on hold.


We will share the latest external news impacting on the sector with a focus on social, political and economic updates as well as sector-specific headlines. We will do this through our refreshed sector newsletter and social media channels - you can connect with us here.


We draw on the expertise and research of specialist partners on behalf of the sector and occasionally conduct our own research, in order to better understand our sector’s workforce development needs, and the local and national context in which we operate. We use findings to develop our programme and services accordingly.

Black Lives Matter

We believe the cultural sector should have inclusivity at its heart, but the reality is that it doesn’t yet. We’ve spoken on this subject for many years and have seen little change. Recent events have made us realise the journey to bring inclusion into the core of our culture is far from travelled. There’s been enough talking, now is the time for action.

We will continue to advise and push the creative sector to open its doors more widely. We will work harder and reach further to help the sector understand the importance of valuing difference in all its guises. We take a knee and will continue to do so until our sector ensures that anyone with talent and potential, creative and non-creative, are welcomed with open arms and given equal opportunity to enter our sector and progress once they’re with us.

Let’s stop talking and let’s start doing, and let’s do it together.

Show the Salary

Show The SalaryWe are pledged to always Show The Salary for the roles we advertise. This is a step every organisation can take to encourage fair access and recruitment practices.

In addition, we will also:

  • Never ask candidates for current/previous salary
  • Never include a degree unless it’s truly essential

Recent achievements

In the last twelve months, Creative & Cultural Skills has:

  • Worked with over 50 colleges through our National Skills Academy (NSA) network to deliver programmes that improve the provision of skills and training to young people wishing to pursue a career in the creative industries
  • Delivered more than 25 training and guidance sessions on a range of recruitment and employment best practice topics, to support the development of the sector’s workforce
  • Provided bespoke sector support to over 400 cultural organisations across the UK via our teams in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Established annual projects that have supported over 50 of the hardest to reach young people in Wales and Northern Ireland helping them take their first step into work
  • Supported the development of a further 10 new apprenticeship training options in England for occupations that have never been trained for via an apprenticeship before
  • Supported over 300 employers on the development of their Discover! Creative Careers programmes and facilitated their connection with local schools and colleges, enabling thousands of children and young people to learn about the real jobs across the sector from those who do them

Let’s see how we can work together

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